Statement by: ANCON BLUE TAX & TRUST

(formerly: Ince Tax & Trust)

The matters of INCE Group published today on April 12th 2023 are also completely new to us as a independant German tax advisor partnership and escrow agent which is separated from INCE Group.

INCE Tax & Trust  (Escrow Agent)  was (for regulatory reasons) never an INCE Group company. It only had a license to use the name based on a license contract.

The agreement between INCE Tax & Trust and INCE Group on the other side was already terminated with effect from March 31st, 2023.

Following our termination of the license agreement with INCE GROUP, Ince Tax & Trust was renamed on April 1st, 2023, to ANCON BLUE Tax & Trust.   This was registered in companies house of Hamburg.

Our partnership is not affected in any way by the matters of the INCE GROUP.

The trust accounts opened by former INCE Tax & Trust, now ANCON BLUE Tax & Trust are not affected in any way by matters of INCE GROUP, because of the complete corporate separation from INCE GROUP and because ther trust accounts are opened for the beneficiaries of the accounts and they are not serial accounts for our firm.

We take care of our own insurance with a cover for escrow matters in Germany which is completely independent from INCE GROUP.

Our services continue unaffected.

We very much regret what may happen to INCE and hope that INCE will find a solution, becuase we can´t believe that this great firm will disappear.

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